Friday, August 10, 2012

Raspberry Curd

A couple weeks ago I picked another huge bunch of raspberries from my backyard and made raspberry curd. I'm so impressed by the fact that only a few raspberries bushes provided more raspberries than I had time to collect or eat, and that my neighbours got plenty as well. You may still be able to get local raspberries in season, and if you find a good deal I'd really encourage you to make this curd.
Its very tarte and lemony- actually I would reduce the lemon and sugar a bit to let more of the raspberry flavour come through. Claire and I made a double recipe... why?? Turned out to be A LOT. Probably not necessary unless you want to ensure you have curd to eat for many days.

After the curd making process we chilled it and put it on some vanilla ice cream, with more fresh raspberries and enjoyed with a big glass of wine. It was awesome, but I lost the pictures so you will just have to beleive me.

Making a double recipe meant we used 15 egg yolks! An absurd amount of eggs. Which left us with 15 egg whites. What is one to do with 15 egg whites?

The answer seems obvious; the next night Claire returned to my place and we made an absurd amount of merinuge. Claire made these
meringue cupcakes and they were so beautiful! So white and fluffy and smooth. We spent hours pipeing them into cupcake tins and so on, only to realize the infamous squeaky oven was out of order. The gas has been shut off at my house- we called Fortis and they said they would have someone there before the night was out! Hurray! We waited. Ate some curd. Watched some So You Think You Can Dance. Waited...Around 10pm Claire gave up and went home. The guy finally arrived at 12:10! The meringues had to wait to be baked until the next morning, since I had to work and needed to get to bed. All this waiting didn't bode well for the sensitive meringues, and they turned to sticky balls of sugar. You can't win them all.

Pouring the raspberry coulis into the curd.
The curd recipe is from Martha Stewart, and you can find it here. 
My notes on this recipe are the following- half the lemon juice content to allow the raspberry to stand out, and reduce the sugar by 1/3 of a cup just for the sake of it. Also, her weird instruction of folding the raspberry coulis into the curd after its off the burner isn't required. You can just whisk it right in and save yourself the hassle! 


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  1. The meringues were still delicious though! Especially with the curd!