Friday, August 3, 2012

Pickled Zucchini

I joined a Community Supported Agriculture program which means each week I get to pick up a haul of fresh foods directly from a farmer. So far it's been great, but what I should have realized is that I'm now getting twice as much of those things that grow bountifully in my garden - obscene quantities of kale and other greens and of course lots of squash.

If you too find yourself with an over abundance of summer squash a quick pickle will get you out of that pickle (ha!). Also this is delicious- great on toast with cheese, thrown in a salad or just as a snack with charcuterie. I think it would also make you look cool if you brought it to a BBQ, potluck or picnic.

The key is to let the zucs drain over night so they aren't too watery. I sliced them in small rounds this time, but next I want to try using a veggie peeeler to make tangly long strings.

Really enjoyed this this morning on toast with coffee on a cabin porch. Also served as an appy with goat's cheese and crackers, and went over really well.

The recipe is from the wonderful 101 cookbooks here -

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