Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Eats, Cool Treats

Not, necessarily, together. These are just two simple and delicious recipes I've done recently, which are great for summer. 

Blueberry Crumble

Nothing says summer like a crumble. Fruit crumbles are so straight forward, and of course, best with fresh summer fruit. 

I was at my parents the other night and my mom made delish rhubarb crumble, made with fresh rhubarb, everybody's favourite!

Jan, mixing up a crumble.

 Let's take a closer look, shall we:

First chop up your rhubarb (or straberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples or any combination of such) and sprinkle with sugar and orange zest (or lemon zest). Let stand to macerate (ie. release their juices!). You can do this in the baking dish, just don't forget to grease it first. 

While the fruit is macerating make the crumble topping. Mix flour, brown sugar, and rolled oats in a bowl. Add a little cinnamon. Then, using your hands, mix in cubed, cold butter, until you have pea sized crumble pieces.

Spread crumble topping evenly over filling and bake until golden brown and/or there are juices bubbling up the sides. Let cool and enjoy!

Flavoured Vodka

Last summer, my friend Stephanie and I decided to try making flavoured vodka with Skittles. It turned out to be really tasty, altough it did take awhile, since you need to wait for the Skittles to dissolve, and then filter the product to get rid of some sediment. 

Lime, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Grape

This summer we decided to try Jolly Ranchers instead, and it was ridiculously easy, and again, very tasty. 

Now I know this doesn't sound particularly sophisticated, but it was fun and easy. If you were to have friends over you could make some pretty tasty drinks by mixing up some flavours. One idea: watermelon flavour vodka with club soda and muddled mint. Do you have any ideas for the other flavours? Maybe lime vodka for a twist on a Margarita?

If you are curious to try here's how. 
1. Sepearate JR flavours. 
2. Put in bottles.
3. Pour in vodka.
4. Let sit over night.
5. Shake and enjoy. 

We used two of the big bags of JR's and each flavour got about 10 ounces of vodka.

Quaffably Delicious!
Happy Summer!


  1. I also like how that bag of flour is almost bigger than our tiny mom.

  2. Same, she's so little, also I think she'll appreciate the shout out!