Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pizza Potluck

Pizza, one of the most loved foods. The other night my friends invited a group of people over for a Pizza Potluck. What a good idea! All you had to do was bring a homemade pizza (and wine/booze). 

I've wanted to make wholewheat pizza dough for a while, and here was my opportunity.

Make sure to make the dough first, as you need to leave it time to rise (see above). I followed Smitten Kitchen's Really Simple Homemade Pizza Dough recipe, and did the whole wheat version.

She states that the recipe makes one small thin crust pizza, so I doubled it, and warning, ended up with one ginormous medium crust pizza. It was too big for my parents pizza stone and to transport it I had to make a home made pizza box as well!

Looking through SK's pizza recipe's i decided on my favourite toppings and went to town on my onw pizza! It was deeeeelicious. I went for a prosciutto arugula pizza with caramelized onions, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, and garlic infused olive oil base. 

First off, make your dough.

Next gather your ingredients for the pizza. 

2 clove garlic
Forgot I did not own pizza pan so packed up to parents
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
250 mg container ricotta cheese
1 block mozzarella cheese 
1 red onion
2 tbsp brown sugar
100 grams prosciutto
fresh arugula 

Third step.
Infuse olive oil with garlic by simply adding crushed garlic to the oil. Let sit!

Step Four. 
Caramelize onions. You have options here. You can try them this way, with just a little butter, salt and balsamic vinegar. Or the way I did them was to slice them thin, put them in a hot pan, no oil necessary and once they start to soften, add 1 to 2 tbsp brown sugar depending on the size of your onion.
So tasty, aka finished product. 

Next pack up all your ingredients and take them to your parents house. Skip this step if you own a pizza pan, pizza stone, BBQ or pan large enough for a whole pizza. 

Once at destination where pizza will be baked. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Roll out pizza dough. Paint on garlic olive oil, then ricotta cheese. This is your base, as opposed to a tomato sauce. 

Next add your toppings; prosciutto, mozzarella (I ripped it up in chunks and plopped them on willy nilly), and onions. 


Once out of the oven, top with fresh arugula. 

Mine's to the right. Also, remember to take pictures early, before all the pizza is gone!

P.S. This pizza party got me in a pizza mood, so later that week I made another pizza, same dough recipe, but with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, basil and the garlic olive oil. I made it much smaller and fried it up in a pan! It was perfect for one.

Just remember to the heat low so you cook the dough and melt the cheese. Too hot and you burn the bottom before you ingredients on top have cooked/melted.   

Happy pizza making!


  1. How good was this?? It looks really good.
    I love your homemade pizza box!!

    This is my current favorite pizza dough recipe:

  2. good pizza is 80% the crust. if not 90%.

    the difference between excellent and mediocre toppings is notable, but the difference between excellent and mediocre crust is an overwhelmingly apparent one, once you've had some serious, high-quality crust.

    my position on unkneaded doughs is well documented: they are for the lazy or infirmed. you girls are neither of those things, so c'mon. develop your gluten. it's worth it. you have your old age to experiment with unkneaded breads. youth is the time for well developed gluten.

    why? so glad you asked: kneading develops bonds in the gluten proteins within the flour within the dough. this increases dough elasticity. it is this very elasticity that captures the gasses created by the yeast! kneading is directly correlated with light, airy, chewy, bubbly pizza crust, so take the 5mins. i implore you.

    the second factor is intense heat, evenly distributed. 450 as a minimum, 500 and up (on a BBQ) is ideal. ive heard legends of pizzas cooked at 700 for 2 minutes. amazing. an oven-stone is really a worthwhile investment and im glad some kind soul gave you one (a-hmen).

    i am not even going to talk about fry pan pizzas for the same reason im not talking about toaster-oven pizzas. they have a place, perhaps, in hurried snacks... but that is all. although again, that's certainly a lovely castiron pan someone found for you.

    finally, i will argue that a truly awesome pizza dough should be a sourdough. now this is the least critical of my points, but if you really want to go for gold?? you should think about it. the predigestion of wheat proteins by lactobacillus & wild yeasts not only results in a more complex flavour profile ("sour", if you will), but eases gluten development and results in a chewier crumb. By no means rubbery, but a nice bouncy feel to the tooth. delightful!

    this guy, knows pizza.

    this is where i got my recipe from and his near obsessive quest for the ultimate slice is inspiring. check it out.

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  4. thanks Matt, you are the yeast king!

    Maybe crust will be my next project! (Although I think you better make me some to sample. . . )

    Once I'm over cakes. Which may take years.

  5. Also, I always love and appreciate when the science behind a method is explained! We do these things for a reason people!