Saturday, September 15, 2012

Banana Caramel Cake

I used to think that any cake that wasn't a chocolate cake was kind of a waste of time. How I've changed. Something about baking makes me want to never try the same thing twice, and I always have a bunch of cake ideas lined up to try. But.. you need a good excuse to try them. I had had this Banana Caramel Cake from the Kitchn pinned for a few months before I had the opportunity to try it out- as soon as I saw the pictures I knew I would have to bake it. 

Then came the perfect opportunity! My friend Karina moving back from England, pregnant, with husband and dog, just in time for her birthday. 

What could be better than a banana cake? Swirling homemade caramel in it. This cake is truly extraordinairy- the caramel keeps it super moist, and while pretty sweet it adds a bit of a bitter burnt edge. Just enough to keep the cake interesting. The recipe makes three good layers, or two very generous ones. Either way its enough cake for at least 15 people I would guess. 

I also made the caramel icing with the cake- and doubled it since I wanted to ice the edges of the cake as well. For some reason I felt a birthday cake needed to be totally iced? The icing is really nice- super light, fluffy and spreadable. But since its also got caramel in it, its very sweet. I love it, but I might go with a cream cheese icing next time for a bit more contrast and less of a toothache, and save the caramel icing for a dark bitter chocolate cake.
I can wait to try this cake again- maybe with nuts, or a dusting of powdered sugar, or with sliced banana and a drizzle of caramel sauce like originally pictured. 

The finishing touch was decorating it with Brown Eyed Suzannes from around the neighbourhood. I love these beautiful simple flowers, and they seem to match banana cake. I got the idea here.
congrats beautiful karina!

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