Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Building Ships

I came upon this quote in the book I'm currently reading, which I can't put down, by Tamar Adler called An Everlasting Meal. Her writing makes me itch to get home and cook my next meal, reminds me to linger over the spicyness of a radish or the luxury of a bit of olive oil on bread. Reading the book is making me look at my fridge, pantry, grocery store and garden in a whole new way and realize the endless possibilities that can come from just a few beautiful eggs or a left over leek.

The book reminds you of how food and eating is so much more than fuel for your body, but an integral way we interact and enjoy the tangible world around us and how the food we eat is a way we come to understand our histories and ourselves. But like all amazing books her philosophies of food are reaching out to touch other parts of my life.

This quote is at the beginning of a chapter where she talks about how to rediscover you passion for cooking and eating when it starts to become an every day chore, which happens to the most devoted food fanatics. Instead of thinking of the chopping, the washing, the sauteeing, she says to rember true love for the exprience and eating of food itself. And she explains it much more eloquently than I am here.

But the quote stuck with me because it makes a lot of sense in another realm of my life, which is politics. Sometimes I think we ask ourselves and others to knock on doors, make phone calls and raise the money without reminding ourselves of the deep longing that drives those mundane chores. For me and other progressives I think that deep longing is for a more just and equal society, and its just as immense as any sailors longing for the sea. Yet somehow it can be easy to lose sight of.If we can teach others to long for this, and remind ourselves of it daily hopefully building our ships will become just a bit easier. 

Just my small thought of the day.

Over and out, Caitlin

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